Dog Whining in Crate, The Best Ways to Handle it

Dog Whining in Crate

The first time you hear your newly bought puppy whining, it is really disheartening. But for the second time, it becomes a kind of trouble or irritation. However, the nonstop Dog Whining in Crate, especially in the middle of the night, may make you doubt your decision to bring home this furry friend home.

So, being the proud owner of your furry friend, it is important for you to learn how to decode whining of dog, Why Do Dogs Whine, and how to speak puppy. This will help you to make your dog feel comfortable and safe when inside the crate.

There are many reasons behind the whining of your dog inside crate, and prior to coming up with a solution for the noise, you need to find out the prime reason behind their whining. The key element for understanding the prime reason for your dog whining is to look at the big picture.

This means you need to ponder the situations around them. For instance, when you take your dog for potty training outside the home and put them into dog crates, then they will start whining. This signifies that they are whining just because of the crate tolerance, and this is not the reason for worrying.

But in case the dog is frequently waking up from their naps inside the crate and start whining, then it is the sign that the dog wants to get released and go out from the crate after their nap.

Why Is Your Dog Whining in Crate?

As mentioned, there are many reasons for dog whining inside the crate, and to Stop Dog Whining, you first need to understand the reasons and come up with the right solution.

Some of the common reasons for whining inside crate include:

  • She wants your attention
  • She wants to go for a potty break
  • She feels fearful and isolated
  • She is feeling discomfort inside the crate

So, you first need to understand the reasons behind the dog Crying in Crate at Night and some up with the ultimate solution for it. The puppy isolation whining can be prevented easily by helping your puppy learn how to love their crate.

You need to ensure that your puppy is feeling comfortable and safe inside her crate as it would be their home in your home for years to come.

So, you need to dedicate some time and make your puppy feel comfortable to their crate. Ensure to make their first experiences with crate positive, and this will reduce the pup’s whining when inside the crate. You also need to give a sufficient amount of time to your puppy to explore their home and spend some time with the puppy and have quality play sessions with them prior to crate the puppy.

You need to assure them that good things occur inside the crate like she will get her meals inside it and treat them with stuffed toys.

This will help them to look forward to crate time, and as a result, they will feel comfortable and safe, which will reduce Dog Scratching Ear and Whining.

How to Reduce Dog Whining at Night?

  • There are also dogs that whine mainly at night only when they are crated, so it is suggested to place the crate at the far end of the house to prevent ruckus. But, this has a pitfall as it may lead to crucial potty training issues.
  • When the pup is younger, they are unable to hold their potty for the entire night, and when dog crying in crate at night, it means that they want to go out for a potty break.

  • If you overlook their whining at night, they will be forced to soil the interior of the crate. If you place the crate inside the bedroom or close to your living room, then it will enable you to hear their whining at night when they need midnight potty break.
  • When the puppy is close to your bedroom, this will prevent the isolation and fear of whining.

Dog Whining for Potty Break!

You will notice your pup stop playing with you suddenly and started shining to signal that she wants to go for a potty break. But you need to be watchful if she is resorting to whining when the moment is imminent. So, the active puppy running around you needs to be taken out frequently at least once in every 40-45 minutes for a potty break.

Being the puppy owner, you need to be proactive with the potty trips rather than waiting for the potty dog whining in crate.

The crated pups can hold their potty for a bit longer, and it is you who need to estimate how often you need to put the puppy into the crate and for how long you need to take them outside for potty trips.

5 Tips for Reducing the Whining

  • If you notice that your dog is whining or braking for more than 30 minutes inside their crate, then you need to take the initiative to start training your dog for crate living. Ensure to doe the training in the correct way possible.

  • If your puppy whines only for a limited amount of time or a few minutes, then you need to wait and only release them from the crate when she is completely quite. But, it is still suggested that you start crate training all over again and do it correctly this time.

  • You must avoid using the crate as their punishment after any misbehave or mischief. You need to make them feel that crate is the ultimate kingdom for them and the wonderful place on earth for their living. This will only happen if you give them some of the yummy treats to the puppy inside their crate.

  • It is very essential that you allow your puppy to get inside the crate on their own without forcing. You must not push or force the puppy inside the crate as it will make them feel that crate is the horrible place for them. Simply toss some treats inside the crate, and this will make them go inside the crate without any force. If the puppy still avoids going inside the crate, then simply try to feed them inside their crate. But don’t close the door of the crate while feeding them.

  • Make them feel that their favorite dog toys will only be made available in their crate. Pigs ears chew toys, and stuffed kongs are some of the toys that will make the crate a wonderful place for your puppy, and it will also reduce their crate training whining.

Handling a Puppy Whining in Crate

Being the puppy owner, it is important that you learn the methods to differentiate between typical I am not happy cries, and true something is not right cries. For instance, if you notice your puppy whining instantly after closing the door of the crate and you are sure she is done with the potty break, then you must avoid her initial attempts and give her time to settle down. You must encourage for whine free time by providing your puppy with something that can occupy her.

Handling Dog Whining in Crate

Provide them with some stuff like hard rubber toys, which can encourage them to focus on unpacking the goodies instead of whining or crying. But this doesn’t mean that you reward them every time they stop whining.

  • The behavior that is rewarded will be repeated again and again. So, avoid such an attempt to reward the dog upon stopping whining.
  • The whining of your puppy must alert you about your puppy’s need, but you also need to make your puppy feel that being quiet is even better to get you to do the things for them. If your dog tends to whine at night when dinner time approaches, then simply wait until they get settled before giving them the bowl of dinner.
  • If you notice that she is screaming the moment you entered home and thought that now crate will get opened, wait till the moment she is quiet before opening the door.

Demand and attention-seeking whining is always a pushy behavior of puppies, so it is extremely necessary that you always think about what is accidentally encouraging them prior to giving them the solution.

Dog Whining in Crate is the normal part of your dog’s puppyhood, but it is extremely important that you determine for how long they stay in the puppy’s communication range.