Effective Methods for Kennel Training a Puppy – in Step by Step

Methods for Kennel Training a Puppy

Being the owner of a puppy, you always want your dog to behave well and always go outside for potty trips. For this, crate training is very essential. This helps in creating a safe environment for your puppy and educates them about independence and responsibility.

People who see crate from human eyes usually consider it a cage for the dogs. But in reality, dogs are den animals, and hence they enjoy being in enclosed and small places. This offers you a sense of security and soothes them anxiety. So, you must always learn the tips for Kennel Training a Puppy.

Choosing Right Kennel for Puppy

It is important for you to choose the kennel that is comfortable and durable and also flexible with whatever kennel training you are offering to your puppy. The puppy that loves to sleep in the dark must be crated with airline crate or kennel as they are more enclosed, while the wired models usually work best for other large dogs.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a too large kennel for your dog. Ensure to choose the best puppy crate when you are kennel training a Ppuppy.

Establishing Proper Mindset

If you place your small puppy into the crate when they are playing, then they may come back out and continue with their playing. However, if you bring them into the kennel when they are calm, they will consider the kennel as the place for resting.

You need to start by bringing them into the kennel for ten minutes at a time and increase the time and finally give them time to settle in their crate.

Know How Your Dog Will be Comfortable

Some pet owners may use of pet beds or towels to offer the puppy with the comfy environment, but for some pet owners, it is not the best option. But this is something that is the trial and error method. But this doesn’t mean that sleeping on the crate mat itself is the bad idea.

Some breed of dogs love the hard surfaces, and they may consider it as their bed. Ensure to consider this factor when Kennel Training a Puppy.

Reward Your Puppy Every time They Go Into the Crate

This is one of the best tips for Kennel Training. When they get into the crate, they want something that stimulates them. So, every time they get into the crate on their own, ensure to reward them with toys or treats. This will help the puppy to being in the crate for a longer period while also get engaged with some enjoyable activity.

Playing Crate Games

You need to ensure that the dog is not considering the kennel as a negative place. So, when Kennel Training a Puppy, you must include some crate games into the r

egime. You must convert the kennel into a fun game where the dog goes in and out of the open crate at their own will. You must throw a ball inside the kennel and let the dog fetch it or hide treats inside the kennel and let the puppy hunt for it.

These were some of the helpful tips for Kennel Training a Puppy.