What are the Ways to Stop Puppy Chewing

Ways to Stop Puppy Chewing

When adding a new furry friend into your family, one thing that most of the pet owners are not always prepared for is when the Puppy Chews Everything. The same thing is also applicable for the adopted adult dogs as they tend to chew things non-stop.

Family members and pup owners would get frustrated for this new habit of their furry friends, and the first thing they target is your shoes, then your furniture, and gradually switch to miscellaneous household items.

So, when it comes to finding out how to stop puppy chewing habits or how to stop the adult dogs from chewing things at home, it can be challenging to find the best strategies to stop the chewing habit of the furry friends.

Simply by focusing your attention to reduce the chewing opportunities, providing appropriate dog toys, and being consistent can help your puppy to find the outlets for their chewing habits. Below you will come across with some helpful tips on how to prevent puppy chewing Problems.

Be Attentive and Contain the Situation

  • Just like your baby, you also need to keep an eye on your puppy or dog so as to protect them from getting curious to put everything in their mouth and chew.

  • If you need to go out of your house and leave the dog alone, then it is better to keep them confined.

  • Whether it is for a longer period of time or little while, it is better to confine your puppy into a dog crate, and if you notice that the puppy is unable to be crated, then section off some small area in your room and use dog gates for the area.

  • This will simply restrict their access to all undesired chewing targets, thereby helping you to Stop Puppy Chewing and also help them to be on track with their potty training.

  • Puppies usually have restricted hold times, and the age of the puppy in months roughly translates to how many hours they can be restricted in a crate.

  • Puppy Chews everything that comes on their way when they get bored or alone. So, ensure that you engage them with some treats or toys which will help you to Stop Puppy Chewing.

Interrupt and Then Divert Them

When you see that your dog is chewing the inappropriate things or objects, simply interrupt them and then divert their attention to the object, which is good and appropriate for them and their chewing habits.

You must always ensure to praise and appreciate your dog for chewing on the right things which are good for them. This way, you can Stop Puppy Chewing habits.

Exercise Daily

You must ensure to engage your dog in some kind of age and breed appreciate exercises, and this will help them prevent you from getting bored. This way, they will also keep burning off some of their energy.

High energy levels and boredom are some of the common factors that make the puppy focus on destructive chewing habits.

So, these were some of the ways to Stop Puppy Chewing.